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Please contact us for a full quote

All our kit prices are a single one-off payment, there are no ongoing or annual fees, and no restrictions on the number of properties or features that the kit will support. Your purchase will allow you to use the kit to create a single website only. The price of the kit does not include hosting or domain registration fees. Patches and updates to this version of the kit will be supplied free of charge; any future versions of the kit will be offered at a special upgrade price.

Basic price (including setup): £600!
This price assumes that your site will use the basic template shown in our "out of the box" kit, or that you will supply a ready-built template in HTML format.

Design: from £60. Buy one of our ready-made designs, or ask about our full graphic design services.
Additional language setup (the kit is supplied with support for English and Spanish): £50
Custom contact forms: from £30.
Additional page layouts: from £5 each. (Not usually necessary as pages can be built via the CMS)

For more information
Email or call on 01629 825550 (from the UK) or +44 1629 825550 (from the rest of the world).

Hosting your website

Virtual Property Shop requires hosting on a Microsoft Windows server
Your website must be placed on a web server connected to the internet, a hosting company will normally be required to provide you with this service. Web servers are commonly available running either the Linux or Microsft Windows operating system; Virtual Property Shop will ONLY work on Microsoft Windows.

We can provide suitable hosting on our servers which are perfectly configured to support all of the features in Virtual Property Shop; prices begin at £100 per annum for our "Business Standard" hosting account, see our plans and prices for further details. Fasthosts in the UK also provide suitable hosting accounts.

Finally you will need a domain name so that people can find your site on the Internet; a domain name is the bit after the www. in a web address (for example is the domain name of this website). You can purshase domain names from websites such as or or it can be arranged on your behalf by your hosting company. Prices for a .COM domain start at around £10 per annum, .CO.UK domains are usually about half that price.

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