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Below is the full feature list of our estate agent website software; click on each feature to display an extended description.

  • Easily customised property database ↓
    With Virtual Property Shop, you can manage your property details, geographic areas, property types, holiday let availability, and currency settings via a login protected admin suite. You can also create new logins with various levels of access to the system, for example, for your sales staff .
  • Supports sales, rentals, holiday lets, leasehold & part ownership ↓
    Holiday lets support per day and per week pricing, unlimited pricing bands, and can display availability charts if required (allowing searches for availability). Rentals support Date Available display and search.
  • Powerful property search ↓
    Help your customers find what they are looking for quickly! Search by price town, etc, but also by distances from various amenities or by availability for rentals and holiday lets.
  • Simple agent system ↓
    Agents can log in to your admin suite and have the ability to add, edit and delete their own properties - they cannot access any properties which they did not add. This allows other agents to list their properties on your website.
  • Content management system for all pages ↓
    Once the site is set up you can update all content pages via the admin suite without any knowledge of HTML or web design.
  • Optional display of prices in dual currencies ↓
    Currency symbols and exchange rate managed in the admin suite.
  • Multiple photos per property ↓
    Multiple photos can be uploaded and titled via the admin suite. Where supported by your server, these can be uploaded in JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG, PSD, PCX, or TIF format and automatically scaled, cropped, and sharpened to create thumbnail images.
  • Unlimited languages ↓
    Our innovative language switching allows users to switch languages at any time whilst remaining on the same page of your web site. You must provide appropriate translations for all textual content. Translator include files (supplied in English and Spanish) can be amended by the web developer to change main navigation and key property information labels. Property types and descriptions can be provided in multiple languages using the admin suite.
  • Property types and locations can be organised into groups ↓
    Once set up, vVisitors will be able to choose whether to search for a specific town or for a whole region. Likewise, you can categorise property types so, for example, customers can search for any kind of "house" rather than "detached house", "semi-detached house" etc.
  • Email Alert ↓
    Allow your website visitors to sign up to receive details of of new and updated properties. All property matching is done automatically by the database.
  • Import and Export ↓
    Import and Export routines are available for a wide variety of property portal web sites, allowing you to keep your property catalogues synchronised with these sites (this can be scheduled automatically where your server allows).
  • Featured Property ↓
    A featured property can be specified in the admin suite or disabled if not required.
  • Extensive Navigation Builder ↓
    Create your own menus and "quick links" for the sections of your website, with minimal technical abuility required.
  • Features not required can be disabled ↓
    in the admin suite by the developer, keeping everything as simple as possible for admin suite users (these can be re-enabled at any time).
  • Rapid rebranding ↓
    using header and footer include files, CSS stylesheet, and the back-end admin suite (which allows you to instantly switch between two styles of property listings and property details pages).
  • Compatible with all web browsers ↓
    from Netscape and Internet Explorer versions 4 onward; differences in fonts styles and table colours exist where older browsers do not fully support CSS, but pages remain fully functional.
  • Screen resolution of 800x600 ↓
    and higher are supported without any horizontal scrollbars.
  • No popups ↓
    * are used so visitors with popup blockers and/or AOL will still see all content of your site.
  • JavaScript not required ↓
    * to access or use any page on the site; it is used in a few places to enhance usability but everything will function perfectly well when JavaScript is disabled in the visitor's web browser.
  • Meta Tags ↓
    are provided in all pages ready for your Search Engine Optimisation.

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